Der Spiegel Digital

Der Spiegel is Germany’s most influential news magazine.
The new digital platform combines the outstanding content with a rich interactive layer.
Der Spiegel’s readership ranges from longtime print subscribers to digital natives. We set out to create a digital product that would excite them all — by focussing on the reading experience and creating everything around it.

We created the product strategy, user experience and visual design for the responsive web platform and the mobile apps — in close collaboration with the layout and tech team of Der Spiegel.

Opening Pages

Step by Step
We started by building a prototype that would make it possible to test the user experience quickly and to improve the design on the fly. After a few iterations the layout was in a state where we could connect the real content from the editorial system of the print publication to the prototype.

A Design Evolution
In order to move away from the old generic appearance of digital publications. We found a solution that would make it possible to have attractive leading pages on every article.
By developing templates for the leading pages, the production team can now choose the best layout for the article from a number of designs. In combination with the new navigation which positions all articles side by side, the magazine feels customized and sets a different rhythm in every issue.

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Visual Design
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