BMW Foundation

BMW Foundation — A new corporate design that inspires responsible leadership.
In contrast to most other foundations in the field, the main target group are people in leadership positions.
 The key to success was to find a visual language that would speak to those people.

The Foundation was born out of the merger of the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt and the Eberhard von Kuenheim Stiftung. The new corporate identity was created by combining design elements of the old organizations.

The new name reflects the increased global orientation of the organization. The name of the founder sits quietly underneath to honor his achievements.

BMW Group is the biggest donor of the foundation, so it was important to keep the visual link to the company. We decided to use BMW’s corporate fonts and combining it with a monospace typeface that is visually close to BMW’s fonts called Lettera. The combination gave the foundation a solid base, while creating a distance to the corporate identity of BMW.

At a very early stage we knew that we that we wanted to use color as a tool to communicate different aspects of the foundation. The organization itself is standing in the background. It is the soil for all the initiatives it supports. So it has a warm grey tonality. The projects however are the flowers that grow from the soil. Their color palette is rich and vibrant.

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